Hair Cut Services


What is a Ouidad Haircut?


The Ouidad haircut is a wet haircut that is personalized your for hair and curl type. After your stylist creates a personalized shape, they then decide where to incorporate the Ouidad carving and slicing techniques. These techniques  are performed by pulling the hair outward and shaking it to reveal any thick, dense sections within your hair. The dense areas are then carved or sliced depending on your desired result. Carving removes more hair and is great for tighter or thicker curls. Slicing removes less hair but creates more volume and shape on looser, thinner curls. Afterward at our salon you are then styled with the Ouidad line of products and places under our dryer to set your curls. 

Ouidad Haircuts range from $115 to $130

Basic Haircuts

 Women's Haircuts range from $75 to $110

Men's Haircuts range from $50 to $85