Gray hair coverage

Gray Hair Coverage

Gray hair can often be a bittersweet experience for many people. The good news is that the hair experts at Rodi Salon have mastered the science of gray hair, be it by blending away gray hair or by covering gray hair completely. Proper gray hair handling and coverage can be achieved in different ways: using demi-permanent hair color for gray blending or using permanent hair color to cover gray completely.
Demi-permanent hair color is great for individuals whose hair color is mostly their natural color with small amounts of gray throughout. The technique offers more of a gray blending effect by masking the grays for a translucent look. Coupled with a low volume developer, demi permanent hair color allows for your natural hair color and roots to shine as they blend together to achieve your desired results.
Demi-permanent color is less maintenance in the way that as you wash your hair the color rinses out over time. This color option allows for a gradual fade of color without a harsh line of demarcation. Demi-permanent color blends gray hair in a way that makes the gray hair appear as highlights, enhancing the overall look. Demi-permanent solutions require less maintenance since the grow-out is not evident and gives off the illusion of natural highlights, resulting in more time between salon appointments. You and your stylist can discuss the best option and time frame for your hair.
Permanent hair color offers complete coverage for gray hair. The results of permanent hair color look natural and can be customized to whatever pigment you would like. This option is perfect for people looking for complete coverage with no translucent look. Unlike demi permanent hair color, permanent hair color will not rinse out and will instead result in a line of demarcation that grows out from the hair root. Typically permanent will need to be retouched every few weeks. You and your stylist can discuss the best option and time frame for your hair.
Deciding on which color option can be tough but at Rodi Salon our team holds the expertise required to provide the best hair color gray coverage tailored to each person’s individual needs. At Rodi Salon, we carefully listen to every client’s needs, making sure their satisfaction and happiness comes first.
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