Gray hair coverage

Gray Hair Coverage

Assessing which type of hair color to use for gray hair coverage can be very tricky and delicate. Which is why, Rodi Salon’s experts are here to help, being it with blending away patches of gray hair or hiding a significant amount of it.
There are two types of hair color that can be used to cover gray hair: demi-permanent hair color or permanent hair color. Below, we will discuss each method in more details.
  • The Demi-Permanent hair color solutions will ensure temporary results that will gradually fade away with time, avoiding a demarcation line. This method consists of blending the gray hair in a way that makes it seem as a highlight within the hair. Demi-Permanent solutions require less maintenance since the grow out is not evident, resulting in more time in between salon appointments.
  • The Permanent hair color solutions have a more solid and long-lasting result. This method is the perfect solution for hair color resistant gray hair and for a more consistent hair color aspect. Permanent hair color will result in a demarcation line showing with hair growth.
As mentioned at the beginning, deciding which hair color type to use for gray hair coverage is a tricky process that requires expertise since many factors need to be taken into consideration based on each person’s needs. 
At Rodi Salon, we listen very carefully to every client’s needs and we always make sure that all our clients leave the salon feeling happy, satisfied and looking their best.
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