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Balayage Services

What is Balayage and how to know if it is right for you?

Rodi Salon offers professional balayage services for customers in Tysons, McLean, Vienna and the surrounding Virginia regions.

The term balayage is of French origin and means to sweep. Originating in France, this hair coloring technique gives a more lived in look rather than the more polished look that you would achieve with traditional foil highlights. This is done by painting the color onto the hair, with the color getting denser as it goes from mid-length to your ends. What makes balayage especially stand out against traditional highlights is also its dimension and depth. The precision of hand-painting highlights provides more control in placement and ensures you get the customized look you want.

Another reason to choose balayage is that the color grows out seamlessly, resulting in fewer touch ups. This means less salon visits and treatments thus allowing time for your hair to rest and stay healthy. Balayage maintenance is easier to handle than traditional highlights and the key lies in the application. Balayage is feathered toward your roots for a seamless blend and as it grows out it continues to be soft and natural.

Balayage can be customized to your hair wants and needs. We have options for full balayage, partial balayage, and spot balayage. The amount applied will depend on your own hair goals and hair inspiration. Full balayage includes any amount of hair and is recommended for first time balayage clients. The entirety of the hair will be painted and lightened to your desired results. Partial balayage includes hair-painting the frontal hairline, top and crown portions of the hair and leaving out the underneath and is great for a touch up service. Spot balayage is often used to target the pieces around the face for framing highlights. This option is great for clients who just want a ‘money piece.’

Typically balayage is processed in open air which leads to a very soft and subtle lift, however, it can also be processed in other ways. Processing balayage in foil, referred to as ‘foilyage,’ can provide more dramatic results and lift than processing in open air. This makes balayage a fully customizable technique in terms of lift and placement.

With any color service it may take a few sessions to get to your end goal. We recommend coming in for a free consultation with one of our balayage experts to discuss your hair goals and get our expert advice. At Rodi Salon, we want you to look good and feel good. We understand that your hair is a huge part of your identity and for that reason we listen very carefully to your needs and ensure we are always recommending the best option to keep your hair healthy and you feeling satisfied while looking your best.

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