Curly HairWashington’s Curly Hair Expert

Curly-haired customers take advantage of “Ouidad” —the only system in the area designed specifically for their needs. Rodi is a Ouidad certified stylist, expertly trained in the trademarked Carve & Slice haircut and curly hair styling techniques.

Ouidad’s line of products are the best on the market for all types of kinky, curly, wavy hair. Gentle, lightweight, and water-soluble formulas for healthy, manageable, and frizz-free curls!

The Ouidad haircut in tandem with the products will give you curls you didn’t realize you could have! No “crunchy” feeling, just the soft beautiful hair you have mistakenly been lead to think is not attainable for your hair type. We carry the entire line, with a wide variety of solutions for your hair, including special conditioning hair and scalp treatments that you can experience in salon and/or at home!

Check out our youtube video of Rodi styling using Ouidad’s Climate Control Gel:

Curly Hair Tips
Do your curls need more definition? Does your hair frizz out? If yes, book a consultation with any of our Ouidad certified stylists to realize your curly hair’s full potential!

Rake & Shake Styling: Perfect Curls Every Time
Don’t be intimidated about styling curly hair. The key to creating beautiful curls is to create the curl pattern while damp and let them dry naturally or with a DIFFUSER set to low heat. For best results, follow Ouidad’s tips:

Step 1 – Gently squeeze excess water out of wet hair and blot with a towel to pull out additional moisture.
Tip: Do not rub hair briskly or flip head over. Both methods fragment curls and cause frizz.

Step 2 – Using outstretched fingers or a DOUBLE DETANGLER comb through a leave-in conditioning spray such as BOTANICAL BOOST to seal in moisture.

Step 3 – Divide hair into 4-6 sections.

Step 4 – Dispense a nickel sized dollop of STYLING PRODUCT to palms and rub hands together. Working one section at a time, separate fingers on one hand like a “rake” and rake the section from scalp to ends, spreading the styling gel throughout the section.

Step 5 – When you reach the end of the hair, gently “shake” hair back and forth to create curl in the hair.

Step 6 – Let go of the section and allow hair to fall.

Step 7 – Repeat the above steps for all sections using a dollop of styling product for each section.
Optional: To add height and volume, place DUCKBILL CLIPS at the root of the hair. Position clips to lift the hair evenly across the crown, working from front to back. To properly position curls, open clip no more than an inch wide. Gently slide along scalp and keep clip close to the roots.

Step 8 – Diffuse hair or let it dry naturally.
Tip: To break up any crunchy or stiff sections, rub a bit of CLEAR CONTROL POMADE or SHINE GLAZE between your palms and in one motion smooth your hands over your hair from front to back as if you’re creating a ponytail.
Tip: Keep curls in place with an all-over spritzing of STYLING MIST.

Deep Treatment: Essential Curl Maintenance
“Just as you must eat to survive you must feed your hair to maintain its health, shine, and manageability.” —Ouidad
The essential foundation of curly hair, DEEP TREATMENT is the single most important step in restoring and maintaining your hair’s health and beauty.
Due to a curl’s tendency to lose nutrients and moisture, frequent deep conditioning is necessary to replenish strength, build body and minimize the tendency to frizz. Heat is an important part of the deep conditioning process. In order to be effective, the protein molecules must “melt” and bond together to restore the hair.

Step 1 – Begin with clean, damp hair. Prep the ends of hair with a little daily conditioner.

Step 2 – Completely saturate damp hair with 2 ounces of DEEP TREATMENT on shoulder length hair – a bit more on longer hair. Imagine soaking your hair in a bowl full of treatment to envision the coverage you’ll need to completely saturate your hair.

Step 3 – Cover hair with a shower cap and heat with a blow dryer on low heat until hair is warm. Allow warm product to remain on hair for 12 minutes. It is important to heat thoroughly to allow the absorption of key proteins to restore the hair’s inner strength and weight.

Step 4 – Before rinsing, add a daily conditioner to seal in the treatment. Rinse both products together; allow a little coating to remain.

Step 5 – Style hair as usual. DEEP TREATMENT will not over-condition hair because it does not build up or weigh hair down.

Deep Treatment Tips
• Allow the treatment to continue to work by waiting a few days to shampoo.
• Use DEEP TREATMENT once a month to keep hair healthy or every other week if it is damaged or extremely dry.

Styled Straight: A Guide to Straightened Curls
If you decide to style your hair straight it’s critical that you take steps to protect your hair from the abuse of heat-styling. It is more important than ever to be diligent about your conditioning regimen.
Be sure to use DEEP TREATMENT every 2 weeks.
Here are the products to use and a few tips for straight-styling hair:

Step 1 – Begin by shampooing and conditioning and allow a light coating of conditioner to remain on the ends of your hair. Gently towel-blot hair to remove excess water.

Step 2 – Apply a leave-in conditioner to protect hair such as MOISTURE LOCK or BOTANICAL BOOST to hair and work it through from roots to ends with your fingers.

Step 3 – Apply CLIMATE CONTROL HEAT & HUMIDITY GEL all over hair from roots to ends.

Step 4 – Divide hair into 4-6 sections just as you would to RAKE & SHAKE. Using a round, natural bristle brush (the wider the diameter, the better), begin blow-drying starting with the section closest to the nape of the neck.

Step 5 – Place the brush under the section of the hair and hold the hair at a 45 degree angle from the scalp. Be sure to hold the dryer so it’s angled down the hair shaft. (It will help if you have a nozzle attachment for your hairdryer.)
Move the dryer along with your brush down the hair maintaining the angle of the dryer and keeping it 2-3 inches away from your hair. Continue to work section by section until hair is dry.

Step 6 – After you have finished and your hair is straight and dry, you will need to seal your hair to keep it frizz-free. Take a small dollop of CLEAR CONTROL POMADE into the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together to melt the pomade, and then smooth your hands over your hair to coat, smooth and seal.