Best Summer Haircuts for Men

Head’s up, Fellas! Summer 2k18 is rapidly approaching, and it is high time you got an updated ‘do to carry you through the season. Summer hairstyles are all about style and comfort. The two main questions you should be asking yourself about any haircut are: does it look good? and, does it keep me cool in the heat? Remember this simple formula: less hair equals less sweat which equals more comfort which definitely equals best summer hair. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, here’s a list of our favorite styles that should easily fit the formula for great summer hair. Take a gander, then give us a call to schedule your appointment! Let’s get you looking and feeling great!

Fade. Remember the formula, the goal here is less hair! By definition, the fade is a transition from short to long, so this is a great summer choice because it will keep your sides and back nice and short. The fade can be low, medium, or high, and for the top, you have options. A crew cut with side-swept fringe will be hot this year, or a nice textured crop would also look clean while being completely on-trend. Your stylist can also offer personalized recommendations based on your hair type and texture.

Quiff. The quiff hairstyle follows the “short on the sides and long on the top” trend in men’s hair. It is typically styled with some height and volume and finished with a messy brushed back or combed over texture. The main idea here is high contrast between the styled top and the short sides and back. What makes the quiff unique from other styles is the somewhat messy, laid-back appearance.

Pompadour. The pomp is one of the most popular men’s hairstyles of late, and for good reason. This classic style has undergone a bit of an update with a few variations ranging from disconnected to undercut. The pomp itself is defined by length on top with shorter sides and back. The hair is styled voluminous at the front of the head to give the “pomp”, and kept shorter toward the back of the head to blend in to the cropped back and sides. With the right styling and maintenance, this is a fantastic way to show off your color and texture.

Buzz. The buzz cut delivers minimalism and style in one easy haircut. This is the ultimate summer-cool style that is both convenient and trendy. Even though this style calls for short hair all over the head, you have options. You can incorporate a high skin fade to make the cut more stylish, or even ask your stylist to add shaved line or hair design to create a more unique and interesting look.

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