Ponytails Are Underappreciated!

You may have noticed that casual is in style and fashion more than ever before. This is partly due to our busier lifestyles and hectic schedules. Who has an hour to get ready? And how can we solve this dilemma?


It’s easy! Ponytails are simple and take only a few minutes to style. There are many types of ponytails for any occasion; and they work for any age, sex, hair color, outfit and type of hair as long as the length is sufficient.


Are there additional Ponytails Are Underappreciated!benefits?

  • Ponytails save time and hassle. All you have to do is pull your hair back and secure in place with a hair band. This allows you to spend more time on other important things.
  • It lets you get away with not washing your hair, which indirectly preserves hair color treatment for longer periods.
  • It gets hair out of your face, especially on those hot or windy days.
  • Ponytails can be comfortably rocked at the gym or when dining out.


Lastly, even with a ponytail, you still need to take care of your hair. Here’s some advice:

  • If you are consistently using ponytails, alternate where you capture the base. This helps avoid weakening the roots and possibly tearing, ripping and knotting one area.
  • Use hair-friendly bands, not rubber bands that will pull and damage strands of your hair. We recommend Goomee hair ties. These hair ties are specifically made to create uneven pressure within the band, which prevents hair damage/breakage and those annoying ponytail marks when you decide to take your hair down. Clients also find they experience no headaches as opposed to when they use other hair ties. Goomee’s also won’t lose their shape, if you feel like it has stretched out, simply put it under hot water and watch it shrink to its original size! We carry these at Rodi’s but they can also be found online at http://goomee.com/
  • Hair is delicate and susceptible to damage when wet, so be extra careful. Try using a detangling spray or leave in conditioner before brushing!


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