Can a dip at the beach damage your hair?

It seems like summer is flying by and August is so close… so you may be planning one final trip to the beach. This beach trip should be relaxed and worry free, but are you concerned of possible damage to your hair from the salt water?

Can a dip at the beach damage your hair?

Good News! Water from the ocean may actually be good for your hair, depending on the type of hair. It helps treat eczema and psoriasis, reducing scalp irritation and inflammation that results in hair loss from excessive scratching. Is your hair too oily? If yes, a dip in the ocean will help reduce the oil in your hair. Seawater also promotes circulation and healthy hair growth.


FACT: The salt water from the ocean is rich in natural vitamins and minerals.


Are there exceptions? Like most other things, yes!

  1. Dry hair in the ocean can dry out even more. The solution to this is to coat your hair in a specific oil to protect your hair, while allowing your scalp to benefit from the minerals in the seawater.
  2. If you color your hair, the combination of the saltwater and the sun results in the color in your hair to fade and develop a hard texture. The solution is to coat your hair in oil like with dry hair.


One final note, ALWAYS wash your hair after your dip in the ocean. You don’t want to leave the sea salt in your hair and scalp.


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