This One’s for Dad!

Ever find yourself in charge of taking care of the kids, Dad? Does your daughter need help with her hair?


No worries Dad, we’re here for you…

  • Hair Tips for DadFirst of all, don’t panic! It’s actually a lot easier than it seems and, like most other things, requires repetition and practice. Hopefully before this situation arises, you can take a couple of pointers from a pro (your wife). Practice, practice, and practice some more!
  • Always begin by brushing your daughter’s bed head and undoing any tangles.
  • Now that the hair is brushed, what should you do next? Keep it simple and stick to a classic, the ponytail. Remember that you’re not an expert and a ponytail is best for beginners.
  • Keep the natural part in your daughter’s hair and slightly dampen her hair to make it easier. Comb her hair back, grab the hair at the back, slide the elastic band around what you grabbed, and place it as close to her head as possible (but not too tight). You can also use clips to keep the loose hair at the top of her head in place.
  • You can’t find the clips? A headband is an even better option! First, let your daughter choose her favorite color, then comb her hair back before putting it on. It should be over her forehead and behind her ears.


There can be two outcomes to this… Let’s pretend that you succeeded and loved doing it! Go ahead and show off your new skills by learning more complicated ponytails or braids. You are now Super Dad!


Didn’t go so well and you don’t know what you just attempted? Use whatever resources you have around you; look up a quick and simple video tutorial online or get a neighbor to do it for you. No one is going to judge.


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