Go Blonder This Summer!

The trending hair color at the moment is to go lighter! Going blonde will not limit the type of hairstyles you can have, because length isn’t an issue. It’s difficultGo Blonder this Summer! to know exactly why blonde trends in the summer months: Is it the longer days? Maybe, all the sunshine? Or the warmer, beach weather? Do blondes really have more fun? Let’s observe the reasoning from a more logical point-of-view:



  • Blonder hair brings out the youthful features in a person’s face
  • Blond represents a softer and more milder color


What if you have tanner or darker skin tones? At Rodi Salon, we will use colors that will eliminate unwanted tones, which will result in a darker shade of blonde. Unwanted tones, like red and orange, are a direct result of going up too many levels in coloring. The level will be determined and toner will also be used, since blonde hair usually tends to be more complicated.

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