The Choppy Bob for Spring 2016!

Choppy BobThe Bob Family… did you know most all haircuts are hair bobs? There are short bobs, layered bobs, long bobs, asymmetric bob’s. Love your long straight hair? No problem, your just not part of the Bob family.

As you make your change in wardrobe for this Spring/Summer season, why not complete the change with one of the trendiest hairstyles of 2016!

We’re talking about the Choppy Bob, rocked by Sophia Bush and styled by celebrity stylist Buddy Porter. What makes this hairstyle different? It adds softly cut layers to the traditional bob.

Ideally, the Choppy Bob works best for straight and slightly wavy hair. It’s cut shorter on the sides and angled longer in the front. Texture is added by cutting long, choppy layers throughout.

For maintenance, trimming every 2 months for upkeep is recommended.

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