Smooth, protect, soften and straighten your hair without damaging your hair follicles

Now that spring is here, you probably wont need to look at the weather report to know how humid it is. Humid air will cause your hair to curl and fizz from the hydrogen bonds that form between water molecules and the protein in your hair.

At Brazilian BlowoutRodi’s Salon, we specialize in the Brazilian Blowout – a hair smoothing treatment used to straighten hair by bonding the protein in the outer layer of your hair. This treatment will remove fizz, add shine, seal color and decrease the time needed to blow dry without damaging your hair.

Is it different from Keratin Treatment?

It’s actually more convenient and done in less time (about 90 minutes). Best of all, you can go home and not worry about your hair for the next couple months!

How is it applied?

  • Hair must first be shampooed and dried, but not fully dry
  • The product is applied, then blow dried and flat ironed
  • Finally, the hair is shampooed, conditioned and the product is rinsed out before the final blow dry

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